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The Overwhelming Need

Our society has reached the point where the cost of energy makes traditional forms of transportation too expensive to operate. Our transportation systems need to be redesigned to provide energy-efficient and affordable solutions. We can move people and goods faster, safer, and cheaper using only a fraction of the energy.

These alternatives will create new jobs, energize the economy, and help the environment. A sustainable transportation network is critical to our future. Now is the time to implement the next generation in high value transportation.

The ASTER Mission

• To support, aid, advance and improve education and literacy of students, parents, teachers, school boards and the general public about the environmental benefits attainable through alternative transportation methods

• To grant assistance, in the form of monetary and or material grants, to individuals participating in programs that further the purposes of The ASTER Foundation

• To make educational resources available to increase the awareness of the environmental, economic, and international relation benefits available through universal transportation alternatives.

October Conference

Our October 10-11, 2013 conference was considered a great success by virtually everyone in attendance. The diverse group of speakers offered updates on a variety of sustainable transportation options including electric bikes, personal rapid transit, cable transit and high speed evacuated tube technologies.

We are now in the process of editing the presentations and will be making them available individually and as a set to the public. Stay tuned for details over the next few weeks.

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